ALM News | Malawi Tumbled Glass Chandeliers

We're thrilled to welcome the most stunning handmade, recycled, artisan crafted lighting to our collection...

Here at "A Little Morocco", we are passionate about ethical, artisan crafted treasures, made by communities that help to support women and their families in countries and regions where support is often a limited resource. 
You can imagine then, how excited we are to now be working with the wonderful bespoke label "Katundu" who are a small emerging label of 30 artisans, crafting stunning luxury items, which are all based on ethical and environmental sustainabilty. 
Based on the idyllic island of Likoma in Malawi, Africa. Katundu's vision has been built around a passion for designing and creating beautiful artisan wares in an ethical environment. Believing that through empowering their predominately female workforce, they are able to then support their families and local community.
Through sustainable income, these women, gain pride and skills and Katundu are also then able to contribute towards the education of over 64 of the artisans at Katundu's, children. Infact the average number of dependables for each artisan is more than 6 people.
Along with sustainable income, where fair pay is paramount, this is also a wonderful story of recycling sustainability. 

Besides using as many recycled materials as possible, such as glass, copper and even scrap metals.  They also seek to give back to the earth by planting tree's around the island of Likoma. To date they have planted over 1,400 tree's in the 15 years they have been creating, and this number of trees is growing each year.

In fact its through using the most humble reclaimed items, that these artisans are able to showcase their amazing high level of resourceful skills. Based on immense pride, the quality of craftsmanship (or should we say craftswoman ship) is crucial. Gaining ownership over their work of art, it is often one artisans sole role to work on a piece from start to finish.  Their skill is then displayed so beautifully in their Tumbled Glass Chandeliers.  You'll even find these statement pieces displayed in boutique hotels, restaurants and resorts.  They've even been touted by Vogue magazine as an emerging artisan label to watch. 

We are thrilled to offer a range of their Tumbled Glass and Glass and Copper Chandeliers on a "made-to-order" basis

Being made to order, we are also able to offer variations to the designs available. If you have an idea in mind for a specific space, then they would love to make it happen. 

We here at "A Little Morocco" are so humbled by this wonderful initiative and amazing talent and along with you, look forward to being a small part of their story.