ALM News | "Morocco Earthquake Relief Fund, heres how you can help"

"Recent earthquake devastation has hit Morocco hard, heres how you can support their recovery..."

You may be aware that our chosen charity, EFA Morocco, is directly responsible for helping to support young girls from regoinal areas and poorer communities to gain an education. Infact its some of these people and areas that were hardest hit during the 6.8 earthquake that recently ravaged Morocco. 
The devastation has hit Morocco hard with a death toll of over 2000 and damage to property that will take a long arduous journey to recover from.
Some of our lovely ALM Friends have reached out to ask how they are best to help, and so we are sharing this incase you are also wanting to help the Moroccan people in some small way.
We know its hard to be sure that your donations are finding the most need and so we assure you that our chosen charity is a noble and worthy cause and continues to be EFA Morocco.  They support those hardest hit regions through supporting the "EFA Morocco" young women and their families. And most importantly they need help to repair their damaged 6 boarding homes. Homes that provide the critical housing for these young women and will be of even more need at this difficult time.  
If your unable to support through a donation at this time, we understand and please do rest assured that when taking home an ALM item, it means your helping us to send some love and support their way.
If you would like to donate please follow the below link...and thank you from us all
To find out more on EFA click here