Rug - "Bushra" Zanafi Killim 215x110cm-Rug-A Little Morocco
Rug - "Bushra" Zanafi Killim 215x110cm-Rug-A Little Morocco
Rug - "Bushra" Zanafi Killim 215x110cm-Rug-A Little Morocco
Rug - "Bushra" Zanafi Killim 215x110cm-Rug-A Little Morocco
Rug - "Bushra" Zanafi Killim 215x110cm-Rug-A Little Morocco

Rug - "Bushra" Zanafi Killim 215x110cm

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 "Bushra", made by the Zanafi tribe of Morocco, is a one of a kind kilim rug. Its made from pure wool, in the Atlas mountains of Morocco, and is an extremely robust flat woven carpet which makes it versatile enough to use as a floor rug or even a bed or sofa throw.

The fine detailed weave in this kilim, means an artisan has painstakingly taken many months to create this beautiful rug.

COLOURS: With neutral tones of black and cream, this rug is 100% all natural wool with no colouring. Its gray and black tones are derived from finely selected black or white sheep's wool.

SIZE: "Bushra" measures approx. 215cm x 110cm.

DETAILS: Its a contemporary new rug, handmade using time honoured artisan techniques, fitting well into a traditional or contemporary home.

ORIGIN: Morocco


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Moroccan rugs are made to be super resistant and last a lifetime.  Here at ALM, we would suggest that if you are worried about harming your beautiful rug during the cleaning process, then please refer to a professional to have your rug cleaned.  Otherwise, here are some helpful hints to care for your rugs at home:  

For Regular Rug Care:

Vacuum your rug. Sometimes excess wool will shed when your rug first arrives.  This is temporary and will stop with some good consistent vacuuming.

Vacuum your rug frequently. But do not use a vacuum cleaner that has a beater bar or rotating brush on it. This will cause fuzzing, fraying, tearing and shredding. It will ruin your handmade carpeting. Your rug should be cleaned with a vacuum that uses suction only.

The more suction the better, however be very gentle with pressure and over working an area when you vacuum. Otherwise, you could damage the fibres, especially with vintage rugs. Just remember three words: slow, steady and thorough. Use a vacuum with very good suction. Then you will remove as much deep down dirt as possible with minimal pressure.

Our Rugs are Natural Self Cleaners! 

Lay it outside for short periods and it will eliminate odors all on its own. 

Make sure it does not stay wet or humid.  If you live in humid weather, make note to let your rug take a trip outside to let the sun do the hard work for you and keep the humidity out of the rug.


Cleaning your rug with water:

You can wash it by hand with gentle laundry soap and rinse it with your garden hose. Then let it fully dry flat, in the sun.

Be careful if you choose to use water to clean your rug. A Berber carpet has a unique weave and can end up holding water, let it dry fully in the sun to prevent mildew and take care to avoid any colour runs by drying it flat.


Spot cleaning tips

Here’s how you can prevent stains. Clean up spills as soon as they happen. Pour a little baking soda on the spot to try to soak up the moisture on the carpet. Wait about 20 seconds, and then vacuum. Repeat the process until the baking soda stops absorbing liquid.

But what if you end up with stains on your carpet because you missed out on cleaning the spill quickly? If so, blot the stains with clean, cold water. You can also try mixing vinegar and water.