"Give, Exchange, Recieve"

Come, explore "A Little Morocco" with us...

We understand that global travel is on hold, and we look forward to the time when the worlds borders open and we are safe to explore distant lands again. Therefore, we invite you to express your interest to join 'A Little Morocco' (ALM) on a journey of the wonders, magic and beauty that is Morocco, when safe travel has resumed from Australia to Morocco. 

Our "Give, Exchange, Receive" tour is focused on the heart & essence of this magical place. Its not a "do everything" tour, but a tour with a pace that offers you opportunities to actively participate in the richness of Moroccan culture. Truly experience beautiful locations, relish the moments to breath in the essence and flavours of each destination.  Cook and dine with locals and learn to craft and weave like the artists who help to create the cultural tapestry of this timeless place. Most of all we ask you to give your smile and soul over to the wonderful magic that is Morocco.

Why not come with us and experience the unforgettable colours and culture for yourself on a breath giving 14 day Moroccan "Give, Exchange, Receive" tour. 


It means so much to us to give back in ways that are meaningful. ALM invite you to discover various ways where we can be hands on and participate with helping local causes, women’s cooperative's and animal shelters.  


Explore the time honoured cultural crafts and traditions used by local artisans. Experience first hand how wonderfully talented and overwhelmingly beautiful their skills are. Take part in a craft workshop, learn about Moroccan music or dance, learn to cook like a local.


Connect to the culture through experiences designed to feed the mind, body and soul.  Take time for yourself to immerse in the traditions of hamam, walk through the wonders of Moroccan architecture and enjoy amazing Moroccan food, music and dance.

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Morocco is more than just a desert gateway to magical Africa. Morocco is full of mesmerising landscapes, rugged coastlines and charming cities. It is abundant with marvellous sights and fulfilling activities and boasts delightful local cuisine, warm hospitality and a rich history. 

Explore the allure of the old town medina's;

Discover the ruins of World Heritage sites;

Envelope yourself in the sands of the Sahara Desert;

Enjoy home cooked meals with locals;

Travel towards the Atlantic Coast and explore old fishing towns;

Witness the magic of the desert at sunrise and sleeping under the stars;

Embrace the vibrance of renowned Marrakech;

Spend time learning and partaking in various cultural exchanges.

Your package includes accommodation, breakfast daily and meals where listed, professional tour guides, in-depth sightseeing, dedicated, air-conditioned transportation and more.

Airfares, insurances, tips, meals not listed and some excursions; are excluded.

More information provided upon application of interest.