ALM News | "Education For All Morocco"

"Thank you for helping us to help them..."

Did you know that every time you take home an "A Little Morocco" treasure, your helping to educate and support some of Morocco's disadvantaged young girls.  Girls that are part of the wonderful, not for profit and self-funded organisation, "Education For All Morocco" (EFA).
Its important for ALM, that we give back to the communities and peoples of the regions from where our beautiful artisan wares come.  ALM strongly believe that investing in a girls’ education is essential, as an educated girl educates her family and whole community. 
So ALM are thrilled to be an official sponsor of EFA.
Despite the Moroccan Government’s support of education policy and women’s rights, in remote areas, up to 83% of women are illiterate. So "Education For All Morocco" (EFA) was established to help provide the opportunity of a secondary education for girls from the High Atlas mountain region and now extend that to other remote areas of Morocco. 
EFA build and run high-quality boarding houses for girls from ages 12–18. Everything is provided for free to them, offering 3 nutritious meals a day, hot showers, cosy beds, access to computers, study support via an international volunteer programme and dedicated, local housemothers. The overall environment makes it easy for the girls to settle in and thrive in their studies. With an average of 90% pass rate across all years and with now over 50 EFA girls enrolled at university!
The 6 EFA boarding houses, accommodate up to 250 girls per year. They ensure girls can leave their remote villages during weekdays and access school every day. The houses are safe, well equipped and packed with love, support and resources creating the perfect learning environment for girls to succeed and flourish. Becoming role models for the next generation, and creating positive futures for their entire communities.
So we here at "A little Morocco" wanted to thank you, because everytime you purchase an "A Little Morocco" vintage rug or handmade homewares treasure; that's probably come from their hometown, a portion of the profits go towards helping a young Moroccan girl go to school.
So a huge thank you or 'shukran' for helping us to support EFA Morocco!