ALM's Style and Design Service

Let the ALM Style and Design team, led by Moya, assist you with all your design needs. Experienced in Property, Product and Event styling ALM want to work with you to create a look that's yours. 


FREE VIRTUAL STYLING Is available to all our ALM family and If you aren’t sure what rug would work in your space or the colour of décor items to select, then ALM will be thrilled to assist you in selecting the perfect pieces for your home. ALM will provide a complimentary consultation on selecting the right ALM pieces for your home and It’s as easy as sending us some images or video calling us so we can view the rooms you’d love the ALM touch with.

For Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast clients, for a small fee, you can book us in to conduct the following services:


PROPERTY STYLING AND DESIGN ALM offer exceptional interior and exterior design services for domestic and commercial spaces.


With access to stunning designer brand furnishings Australia wide and awarded in creating cutting edge architectural concepts, ALM will provide you with a look that you'll fall in love with. 

Whether you'd prefer to let ALM complete the design scheme from start to finish, or you just need a kick start with a design idea or even if you want to get involved. Then we are happy to work with you in anyway you need.

We will visit your property, where our highly skilled designer will provide you with some guidelines on how we can work towards a fully resolved design concept and direction for your space.


From there we will be able to develop mood boards and inspirations which we will present to you and together with yourself, we can then guide you to the final design scheme.

If you've selected an end to end solution, this will involve full project management, costing and scheduling. Right up to a final styling and installation, with those finishing touches.

We aim to please and leave you with a space thats amazing.

We specialise in all aesthetics and styles from contemporary to classical and can even push the boundaries to create cutting edge spaces.

Contact us on for more detailed information.


PRODUCT STYLING If your a commercial trade or wholesale client and are looking for product styling or venue assistance and need to create that perfect look, then ALM are your solution. Our team are amazing at getting it right and pushing the boundaries of style for something thats uniquely yours.

Contact us and we can help you create that perfect look at


EVENT STYLING Have a special event coming up and need that special touch to make it amazing. Then let ALM create a theme and style that will leave guests in awe. Any style, budget and function, our team are thrilled to work with you to create an amazing event. From concept, to even project managing the event. ALM have it covered so you wont have to worry.

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