Tamegroute Pottery-A Little Morocco

Tamegroute & Pottery

This gorgeous collection of pottery includes a wonderful selection of ceramics and terracotta pieces. Along with the highly collectable Moroccan Tamegroute Pottery. 
Tamegroute, meaning ‘last place before the desert’ is one of the oldest towns in Morocco and historically it is also the place where this highly collectable, hand glazed green and ochre coloured pottery comes from.
Using the rich golden sun of the Sahara as part of the baking process, each piece is made using pure craftsmanship. In fact the kiln stands, leave indelible imprints on the surface and these are the authentic tell tale signs that these handmade pieces of art, hale from this historical home of pottery. Tamegroute pottery are true showpieces within the interior of any home.

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